A Contact full of Hope!

تشرين الثاني 27 2008, تصنيف: International NEWS
Hello Clitoraid
I feel pleased to have seen your site at the internet while searching for issues related to FGM. I applaud you for the great job you are doing and wish you the best of luck and success in your endeavors. I am a writer and filmmaker and also a poet. I have posted this poetry at my page which could be reached through www.authorsden.com/abdinoorhajimohamed or simply google Abdi-Noor and you will find all my works and background. I now live in Sweden but Í am a Somali who sought asylum in this country only this year. I am a father of four and two of my youngest daughters are at risk of being mutilated since they are still in Africa. I pray that it will not happen.

While surfing the internet I stumbled upon this site: Clitoraid.org. It is an organization that restores hope to circumcised women by tracing the clitoral root to rebuild it afresh. If you visit the site you will see more and enjoy more.

In the name of tradition
They had cut her clitoris
They mutilated her vagina
But hope has now emerged
Clitoraid came to her rescue
To rebuild her lost clitoris
To restore her pleasure in full
To regain her shattered dignity
To make her a total woman again
To give her back her looted right
To reinstitute her dismantled ego
To rekindle her dying self image

Through the dark clouds of despair
Rays of hope have started shining
Let the bells of justice toll loud
Let the sounds of misery turn into
A melody of the highest inspiration
But along these rebuilding efforts
The flame of the Anti-FGM campaign
Should keep burning across Africa